What can a professional electrician do for you


When you think of an electrician, you think about the guy you see climbing the power pool. He or she is an electrician. However, they work for that state. They are the ones that will put up new power lines and power pools. They will come over to your home if you are in need of an inspection.

If you need someone to come over and install something that involves electrical, you will call an electrical contractor. In this article, we will go over the different types of jobs that an electrician can do around your home for you.

Adding to a room

2If you want to add an extra room, you will have to have an electrician come in after you have put up the base boards. He will run your wiring and install all your lights and plug ins. Then you can start putting up the drywall and tape it off. Once that is all done, he will have an inspector come and check out the wiring. They will make sure there is no power surging when they test the wiring.

Power box

Any time you add something to your home, you will have to make sure that the electrical box will handle the current that the item requires to operate. If it goes over charge, the fuse will pop, this will cause you to lose power that the breaker runs.

When you over charge a breaker, and you keep popping the fuse, it can start to hurt the items that you have plugged into the line. If you have a TV and something keeps popping the breaker, then that means it is burning the TVs ground. If you lose the ground to your TV, you will lose it or whatever you have plugged into that line.

Washer and dryer

3When you are dealing with a dryer, you will need to run 220 volts. The washer will run off of 120 like most anything that you will put into your home. When you are running 240, you will need the electrician to install a separate breaker. You can not share or add to a 240-volt breaker. If you do, it will over load and could cause a fire. The 240 will also have a bigger gauged wire to handle the current that is running through it. If it is too small, it will melt the wire.

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