Here are types for your pet fences



A pet fence is a must-have utility. It could be the real difference between the safety of your pet and lack of it. It gives your pet the freedom to move around, and play without having to be restrained. But before it comes to that, you have to choose the best kind of fence for your needs.

In here we will discuss different types of pet fences you can choose from:

Wood fence

33jjbfkjdhfThese are among the most expensive fence options in this list. They are best suited for pets trying to jump off and escape. They are also great in preventing intruders from outside. If you choose wooden fence, make sure you are ready to do regular maintenance to prevent wood rot. Another disadvantage is that you will block the view from the outside.

Picket fence

This is a version of a wooden fence, but the difference is that they do not entirely block your view. However, the small spaces are not ideal for small pets since they can creep out. Still, people from outside can drop things for your pet from outside.

Chain Link fence

This is one of the strongest boundary-creating fences you can have for your pet. The fence can be as high as 6 feet thus keeping even big pets from escaping. You can be sure it will last for long. The only downside is that you have to part with a good amount of money if this is the kind of fence you will be buying.

Snow fence

This is a wire mesh fabric attached to posts. It is one of the cheapest options. Moreover, it is best for small pets as well as intruders. However, it is not long lasting so you may have to replace it more often than the other options here.

Split rail fence

Of all the fence options you have here, this is the most impressive one. It consists of wooden posts attached with bars. It is a sure protection for your pet as long as it will not be digging under the ground. If you have a dog, you can add a wire mesh, and the problem is solved for good.

Invisible fence

An electric wire is installed underground and defines the boundary to which your pet can wander. When your pet tries to go beyond the defined boundary, the buried electrical wire will activate the pet’s collar through a beep and cause a mild electric shock. The low of this fence is that the dog can still escape. Another disadvantage is that the collar is quite an expensive investment.

Which of these fences is right for your pet?

22;torooAll these Types of fences are good, but it will come down to your kind of pet to make the right choice. Each pet is different from the next. Is it big or small? From here you can make the right thing as per your particular situation.

The heavy work has been done for you. Go ahead and make the right choice for your pet’s fence. Whatever you choose, make sure it will serve your needs to your satisfaction.…